Reminders: Training evening Thurs 23 January 2020 from 5pm. Regular competition nights recommence on Thurs 30 January 2020!

Safety & Other Rules

Like all organisations, Little Athletics has rules. These rules are there to ensure the safety of all athletes, parents and visitors. We ask children and parents to cooperate and to keep to the rules so that we can all enjoy our Monday nights in safety. All athletes must be registered with LANSW before they participate.

Working with Children

Of utmost importance is the safety and well being of all children and adults. All parents and volunteers must sign a working with children form before being involved with the activities of our centre. 

No Smoking & Alcohol

There is a strict no smoking and no alcohol policy at Myall Coast LAC. There is a designated area near the car park, where you are able to smoke. There is no alcohol to be consumed on the grounds.


All registered athletes and parent volunteers who sign on at the canteen are covered by insurance taken out by Little Athletics Australia. If a parent fails to sign the attendance register, they are not covered by insurance.