Reminders: Training evening Thurs 23 January 2020 from 5pm. Regular competition nights recommence on Thurs 30 January 2020!



Each athlete must wear the uniform adopted by his or her Centre for normal Thursday nights competition. Uniforms are available for purchase at information nights and any time when the season starts.

Blue running shorts or bike pants can be purchased for $30 to combine with a singlet or crop top $30. Club colours are; Navy Blue and Aqua Blue.

There are limited number/sizes of second hand uniforms available for $10 per piece.

Tiny Tots are not required to wear the Centre uniform.


The registration number issued must be attached to the centre front of the singlets, crop-top, or T-shirt. It is recommended that this be done with a non permanent method such as velcro or press studs as the number may be needed for attachment to the Centre Uniform a number of times during the season. The age number must be attached to the left side of the shorts or bike pants. No athlete will be allowed to compete at Championship events without these numbers. Athletes are also required to display these numbers at all Competitions. Failure to do so may result in athletes performances not being recorded. The red border on the registration number MUST BE VISIBLE otherwise disqualification may occur.


When representing the Centre at any special competitions, the Centre uniform must be worn. This consists of a navy blue and aqua blue singlet, crop-top, navy shorts or bike shorts. Must be the centre outfit with sublimations and Myall Coast logos.

Centre uniform must be worn for Zone, Zone Mulit, Region, State, State Relays and State Multi. The individual registration number is to be worn on the front of the Centre singlet or crop-top as well as the age number on the left hand side of shorts or bike pants. A Jetstar patch is to be attached to right side chest/shoulder. 

The Centre uniform can be purchased on Thursday evenings in the lead up to Championship events. An announcement of the dates and times will be made nearer to any of these special events and be displayed on the web site.

A sketch of how the Centre uniforms are to be worn can be found here.


Under the LANSW regulations, shoes must be worn whilst competing in all events and there are no exceptions. Certain rules apply to the use of footwear that are for all athletes’ safety and must be strictly observed.


Spikes used for both jumping and running events can have a maximum length of 7mm and spikes can only be worn in events run entirely in lanes. In pack start events, athletes may not remove spikes from their shoes and run in those shoes. Spikes must be taken off at the completion of events in which they are permitted to be used.

U6 to U10 athletes (inclusive) may not wear spikes at any time during competition or training.

Money saved on CHEAP running shoes is OFTEN spent on injuries. Worn out running shoes cannot support the feet and will cause injuries.